Why should I use Assist My Tech for a repair?

We understand that smartphone or computer device have a very important value in our daily lives. Assist My Tech technicians undergo strict training ensure they have the experience and qualifications to repair all leading devices. we are a trusted repair shop in Malta backed with many positive client reviews.

How long does a device repair take?

We pride ourselves on express repair service. Common devices can be repaired with same day service, whilst other complex repairs e.g. board repairs or in dept diagnosis take between 2-3 days. In extreme cases where a part is required from abroad, repairs can take up to 1 to 2 months. unfortunately this is beyond our control.

What should I do before handing over my device?

Whilst your device is in safe hands with us, it is always recommended that you back-up your device and reset back to the factory settings beforehand for security purposes. if this procedure is not possible a temporary backup will be done one of our technicians to ensure that your personal data is not lost.

Does my repair come with a warranty?

There is a 90-day warranty on all replaced parts.

Does my product bought online come with a warranty?

By law any new products come with a 2 year warranty. for refurbished items the warranty is between 3 months to 6 months.

How does the pickup drop off service work?

We provide pickup and delivery service all around Malta. we try our best to provide 24 hrs repair service. this means that your device will be back to your location in one day. and Hey, pickup and drop off is always free of charge!

If I use Assist My Tech repair service will this void my Manufacturer’s warranty?

Like most third-party repair services, the use of our service can void your manufacturer’s warranty. The good news is we provide our own warranty for all our repairs!

I only have a small crack on my screen do I need a full-screen replacement?

Yes, we do a full-screen replacement regardless of the size of the crack in your screen and all our screen replacements come with a 90-day warranty!

Why does Assist My Tech ask for my PIN or ID before repair?

Providing your pin/passcode before the repair is completely up to you!

We advise everyone to provide this information as our technicians need to verify that the device is in full working order before you collect it!

They undergo a series of tests that include touch sensitivity and camera. At no time they would access your personal information or intrude on your privacy.

If the PIN or ID is not provided and there are issues with your repair, this will be subject to additional charges to re test and repair your device.

Does Assist My Tech offer support after repair?

Yes! Support is always free for clients who repairs there device at our shop.

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