Natec universal laptop charger 90W


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Natec Torpedo UNI-90 is a universal laptop power supply ideal as a substitution or additional charger useful outside the home and on the road.

With exchangeable tips, it can be adapted to most laptop models available on the market and thus used as one device for laptops of different brands.

Additionally, the power supply has a multi-level protection system against over voltage, overheating, short circuit, over-current and overload so that the laptop and device are properly protected.



Natec Torpedo Uni-90 has a set of 8 replaceable tips compatible with the majority of laptops with different output voltages with power requirements up to 90W.

With the automatic voltage selection function, the safety of its use is increased.
A robust design and strong casing resistant to abrasion and damage are the distinguishing features of Natec Torpedo UNI-90.

Thanks to these features, the product is durable and will serve the user for a long time.



    • 18,5V, 7.4×5.2mm, HP
    • 18,5V, 4.8×1.7mm, HP/ASUS/TOSHIBA
    • 19V, 5.5×2.5mm, IBM/ASUS/DELL/TOSHIBA
    • 19V, 5.5×1.7mm, TOSHIBA/ACER
    • 19V, 4,0×1.35mm, ASUS
    • 19,5V, 7.4×5.0mm, DELL
    • 20V, 11,0×4.6mm, LENOVO
    • 20V, 7.9×5.5mm, IBM/LENOVO

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