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Remote call support agents

24/7 Call Support

We are always available to help. Either in person or remotely. Backup,  emails and  Microsoft office. We can usually resolve your problem quickly and efficiently. We will either access a machine remotely or depending on the severity of the problem visit your home or premises. We aim to respond as quickly as possible  but our customers are happy to report that support is just  a call away

Software Support

All too often we hear clients say ‘it was such a small issue I didn’t want to bother you’ or ‘I was saving up the problems to make it worthwhile’. Once subscribed to our contracted service these comments will be a thing of the past as a problem fix is just a phone call away. Your problem can then be resolved quickly and efficiently allowing you to continue unimpeded with your work.

Software diagnostics

hard ware repair services

Hardware Services

The best support for continuity and productivity. To allow us to effectively manage a contracted service we will carry out an initial visit which will allow our technician to familiarize himself with your equipment. An itinerary will also be created listing each item covered. This will be available to the client and can be used for asset management and insurance purposes


After initial consultation an experienced technician will compose a proposal outlining the customers’ requirements, the recommended solution and all associated costs. As we specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses these proposals normally comprise of a simple solution that can be managed on day to day basis in house. More complex solutions will obviously be more time consuming and costly

Consulting services

RJ-45 Network cable

Network cabling

Apart from designing and installing network cabling and Ethernet networks, our IT professionals can also offer a number of network cabling support services. These network cabling services can fix a crash or speed up a network that is not operating to its full potential. Our network cabling diagnostic services will determine the source of a problem and fix this problem as soon as possible in order to get your home or  business back on track.